Young Longhorns Live It Up

University of Texas-Austin valedictorians, overachievers and would-be entrepreneurs across the country graduated last month.

For any Longhorn who has lived in Austin any period of time, it has never been a secret that the capital city is a great place for its young professionals to live. Thanks to a recent list published by Forbes, Longhorns now have the confirmation they need to prove that Austin is a great place for young professionals to call home.

Austin maintains its status as best city for young professionals with the help of the University of Texas and large supply of government and tech jobs.

Each year, a new pool of young, educated University of Texas graduates stay in Austin. Young professionals love Austin; moving here for its low cost of living and high quality of life, they help to attribute to Austin’s high population of employed workers in their 20s and 30s.

Many Longhorns, especially UT graduate students, eventually invest in Austin real estate. They see the benefits of investing in Austin real estate include the pride of home ownership, tax advantages, price appreciation, rental income potential and home prices here are competitive with other growing cities.

Austin’s strong job market or output in and of itself makes it a solid investment choice, place to live and it’s the overall quality of life and lifestyle that such a green, relatively affordable and creative city affords. Low unemployment rate, high quality of living, lush outdoor environment and lively night life also attracts an ever widening the pool of young adults in Austin. Interested?

Longhorns, live well and prosper…

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