The sky’s the limit at The W, now that it’s safe to look up again.

W Austin

Branding, left to those with cupped, nurturing hands is a potent thing. When you say FedEx, people think “important.” Conversely, when you say Post Office, people think “it’ll probably get there eventually.” Branding power.

When it comes to hotel brands, the single letter ‘W’ evokes thoughts of heavenly beds upstairs and white rum with hydroponic-spearmint mojitos downstairs. A place where the good looking people go. And the not so good looking become so after some of the aforementioned libation.

In Austin, ‘W’ signifies brand new. Non minimalist, non snooty hip – genuine hip. The W Austin Residences is unique even to the notion of luxury itself. Eye capturing angles, shiny accompaniments, dancing natural light – it’s a living kaleidoscope. And, The W Austin Residences, if you get too caught up in its fanciful visual world, might end up dropping one of those shiny things right on you. Today marks the reopening of the W after the 37 story, 7 month old building started popping out windows like 6 week old contact lenses. See – The W Austin Residences are unique. And, nothing’s perfect. In reality, it was only a few windows that plummeted and smashed on the street or the resort deck. Nobody was injured.

Now that it’s back to business as unusual at The W, remember this… you are at a literal four-way intersection of Austin nightlife here. Walk no more than 1/2 mile in any direction for differing riffs on Austin’s food, music, and drinking. And if you walk 1,100 feet South, you can go swimming in Lady Bird Lake. If you walk ZERO feet you can musically splash about in the new Moody Theater – inside the W Austin building itself, and celebrate 37 seasons of universally loved Americana watching Austin City Limits.

Now that you are vastly less likely to have your night ruined by head trauma, take the elevator from your 641 – 4,003 square foot home ($400,000 – $3 million +) at The W to the Moody. Taping schedules aren’t announced in advance so the ACL blog is the best source for this most esoteric of Austin institutions.

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