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360 Condos: A Room With a View

There are few pleasures in this world as great as looking out of the window of your fabulous condo and viewing your city from on high. Sadly there is a limited number of condos that offer this pleasure. However thanks to the new development at 360 Nueces Street you can own a marvelous condo with a view.

360 is a breathtaking residential sky scraper that reaches 44 floors and 563 feet into the heavens.  Designed by Preston Partnership LLC and built by JE Dunn,  The 360 Austin Condominiums are magnificent housed inside one of …

360 Neuces Street

Here’s something incredible – even in this economy, there is just one residence left to sell at 360, the downtown Austin condo tower at 360 Neuces Street. Just one! They’ve sold!

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