I’d keep off the grass if there were any.

With dozens upon dozens of days without a drop of precipitation or respite from 100+ degree oppression, Austin is hot. Lovers of nightlife, motorcycles, music, movies, art, gaming, county’s best bbq and sushi, public schools, highways, bikepaths, pet freindly policies… you get it, Austin is popular (hot and popular being interchangeable American slang… wordplay is more fun when it doesn’t have to be explained). But these days it’s just hot. No euphemisms, no winks, just sweating like an Olympic weightlifter on a lift he didn’t make.

While there were firework bans on the Fourth of July, and now watering bans across the city, Austin struggles but handles.  So, what if your lawn is brown and crunchier than a bowl of pre-milk Grape Nuts?

But wait a moment. Austin is the capital of Texas and the State Capitol building is here in Austin. The building must look good year round for all luminaries helping to keep liquor stores closed on Sundays (why, oh why lawmakers is this law a law?). It’s grounds look like a postcard from Ireland. Lush and green and something millions of fathers across the country would gaze upon after mowing and grin then help themselves to a cold one. The State Capitol here in Austin is an impressive place for sure. The grounds are so beautiful, so green, and so history filled. If this is something you appreciate, as a tourist, stop by for a tour – it’s free. If this is something as a resident you might enjoy, check out Westgate Condos. Directly across from the Capitol, you can look out your windows from the Westgate and think – hey, this is my lawn. No upkeep, no water bills, no crazy kids traipsing across.

The Westgate is from a bygone era in Austin when political and business deals were made from its rooftop pool/lounge by big hat wearing, cigar chomping people who weren’t used to hearing no for an answer. The Westgate, as has Austin – more than many other parts of Texas, undergone many re-imaginings, rebrandings, and refreshment. Austin is hip. As buildings go, the Westgate was like the big brother who kept quiet, yet secretly approved and monitored your progress. So, for the love of proximity to all things Austin, or just a nice walk in the park when parks themselves are largely on hiatus, the Westgate keeps things cool. To tour the Westgate’s available units for purchase, call us at 877-852-6636.

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