Austin home builders take charge of their market

Austin’s local home builders have begun to compete again and claim bigger shares of Austin’s home builder market.

According to MetroStudy Austin Director Eldon Rude, many of the local builders are veterans of the industry. Austin’s local home builders began to earn an impressive pool of local market share, albeit a smaller stake, just a few years ago. After a lengthy stretch of inactivity…our boys are back!

Take local homebuilders, Jenkins Custom Homes, for instance. They’re rockin’-and-rollin’ in the Austin home building market. The Custom Homebuilders List, released each year by the Austin Business Journal, ranked Jenkins Custom Homes #5 on the list of top builders in Austin for 2010!

Moving up from #7 in 2009, this is an honor that highlights the growth of Jenkins’ business. Jenkins has been shooting to the top the past 5 years. In a market where most [local] home builders are shrinking, Jenkins has gone from #23 on the list just five years ago to #5 in 2010.

Now, all hail the victor! Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes, a luxury custom home builder who specializes in constructing only pre-sold custom homes, is making serious noise in Austin. This champion builder is the recipient of the 2011 Custom Home Builder of the Year award, presented by the Austin Business Journal.

Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes builds homes for clients at a fixed price and does not charge them initial design fees. The company builds every home with every buyer considered as their next “show home”. According to Shelley Seale of the Austin Business Journal, “Tony Holt and Steve Zbranek have built one of the most successful home building companies in Central Texas–one client at a time”.

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