Are Austin Condos Cash-Cows?

Condominiums in Austin, Texas are an ideal investment today. Luxury condos and lofts are perfect investments for individuals looking to capitalize on the lucrative real estate market in Austin because the condo market is considered flexible when it comes to rental trends that have occurred over the past five years. It offers a diverse set of options for condo owners and residents, which gives Austin an advantage over other cities offering the same market value. This all translates to an increase in demand.

The Austin condo market is booming, in light of the suburbs sprawling beyond acceptable boundaries. What does this mean, you ask? Good question. What it means is that many young professionals and savvy Austinians are driving the desire for condos as they consider a luxury condo a valid alternative to a home in the suburbs. Mid- to high-rise condominiums are ideally situated, priced and built for comfortable living and offer residents the best of both worlds; modern luxury homes and high-end abodes centered in plush and lively districts.

The savor for condominiums in Austin is high because of a number of factors such as place of the metropolis, exceptional neighborhoods, the expanding economy, the dominant presence of a major US college (University of Texas – Go Longhorns!) as well as other academic establishments, and the existence of numerous significant technology firms like Dell and Motorola.

But enough schmoozing. Let’s get to the deets…

As home prices fall and rents rise, investors are chucking their money into condominiums, chasing the cash flow that rental properties produce.

Austin’s condo market consistently sustains a sizeable pool of interested investors seeking to create cash flow from renting luxury condominium homes. So, Mr. Investor, you’ll appreciate that Austin condominiums boast affordability and price stability, which does well for their appreciation.

But are rental properties, particularly condos, a cash-cow? The experts seem to think so.

“For the first time in a long time, you can buy that home and can get a cash-on-cash return immediately,” says William King, director of valuation services for Veros Real Estate Solutions, a supplier of housing data to the country’s largest banks, as well as government organizations.

“Investors are looking at these properties on a monthly income generating basis,” said Alex Villacorta, director of research & analytics at Clear Capital, a firm that provides data for real-estate asset valuation and risk assessment to financial services companies. “They can start to realize instant profit margins, even as the market goes down more.”

Rental properties in Austin, Texas have become a popular and successful investment for investors. Even though the phenomenal property value increases of past decades have slowed, long-term upward trends are expected to continue. In fact, investing in condominiums has shown to be comparable to, or more profitable than, long-term stock market investments. Top it off with the 20% cash back that you get with every purchase you make through CondoDomain and there’s no reason you shouldn’t call 877-852-6636 today! In fact, every day you wait, you are losing money so contact our local real estate expert today!

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